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Welcome to Lincoln Chung Architect. 


We are a Santa Monica-based architecture firm that believes in the power of design to enrich our daily lives. We are dedicated to creating timeless beauty through clean, intelligent, environmentally friendly design. Through collaboration, careful planning, and meticulous attention to form, function, scale and proportion, we create spatial experiences that harmonize with the values and lifestyles of our clients.


Founder and principal Lincoln Chung received his Master of Science in Architecture degree from Columbia University, New York. He also holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Since 1992, Chung has taught design at Sci-Arc, AIU, Otis College of Design, the Art Institute, Santa Monica College and UCLA Extension. Chung has been recognized with the following awards:

GSAPP 125 Anniversary Alumni Work Exhibition-Columbia University, New York, 2006; Lincoln Chung: Today’s Architect-Santa Monica College Architecture, 2002; Harvard Townhouses, Santa Monica-CCSARA Award of Excellence, 1996 DESIGN/BUILD, Apr 1996, TRANSPACIFIC, Mar 1994,

Los Angeles Business Council Award, 1994; Architecture East / West Exhibition, LA/AIA & AAa/e-Japanese American National Museum, 1994

Forms for Spaces Exhibition-San Luis Obispo Arts Council, 1986

3rd Prize, San Diego Arts Center Competition, 1985

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