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SANTA MONICA, CA | 2020-2021

This 2,150sf Sunset Park residence is the fourth project for the Shigematsu family. The full transformation of this home begins with a warm and welcoming front porch addition, featuring a horizontal wood design that evokes a sense of grounding and tranquility. The south/public portion of the house is rebuilt and expanded to create a voluminous open flow dining/kitchen/family room with wood accents and signature skylight. The north portion is reconfigured to form the new primary suite and children’s bedrooms. The two portions are joined together by service spaces, closets, utility, bathrooms, and built-in cabinets. A rear covered patio completes the transformation, with a relaxing space to unwind or entertain.

Type: Residential / Interiors: Teresa Akerblom / Structure: J Lee Engineering / Contractor: Bob Akerblom / Photography: Garrett Yamasaki

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